5 best beginner guitar tips to become successful

Are you interested to play guitar for music? Have you any function or experience using a guitar for playing music? If not, then, this might be a good place to learn the best tips for the beginners.

Our tips will help the best beginner guitar owner because this is only for the beginners. Therefore, this is a great idea for any person to know the tips and use them when playing with the guitar. As a result, this will always ensure to provide a particular idea about the guitar and play a good music.

Learn guitar music theory

This is important to learn the guitar music theory before you started. There are certain things that will help you to learn to play the guitar with your creativity. However, you can’t be able to learn to play it if you do not know the basic theory of the guitar.

When you have knowledge about music theory, you can play in a fraction time and understand the music very much. In addition, you can use a sound free room in order to learn theory and play it.

Choose the best beginner guitar

When you are learning with a wrong guitar, you can’t do well at all. In this case, you should choose the right guitar for you. Do you want to play with an acoustic guitar or electric guitar?

Both of the guitars are not same. Therefore, you should understand the differences and purchase the best beginner guitar for you! Otherwise, you may not enjoy the music that you have made!

Buy a Good Beat Machine

Playing guitar without having any extra instrument will make it very boring. Therefore, you should purchase any cheap quality keyboard instruments or any drum machine for extra music.

When you will hear the music of a beat machine, this will make it fun and excitement to play the guitar. In fact, this will always improve your quality and motivation to play the music.

Use an Electronic Chromatic Tuner

Using an electronic chromatic tuner is very beneficial for all the guitarists because of the benefits. In fact, they provide good performance than a normal guitar tuner.

You can easily manage the electronic tuner than a normal tuner. For that reason, this will be really a plus point for learning how to play a guitar properly. Moreover, they are less expensive than you can expect!

Choose the right Strings

This is important to choose the right strings for your guitar. This is your reasonability to know the right time to purchase a new string for your guitar. Most of the time the beginner’s guitarists do not know the right time to buy a new one.
Basically, when the strings are losing their tone, you should understand it’s time to purchase a new one. You will find many varieties for electronic guitars because they are available for different metals.

However, the acoustic strings are not available in many varieties. In fact, this will be a problem to choose the right one. Basically, you should always think of choosing the thicker strings instead of others. They will provide you good sound and longer durability than others.


These are the simple tips for the beginner guitarists so that they can learn it properly. You should always choose the best beginner guitar so that you can learn properly. Along with the tips, this would be very easy for you to learn to play a guitar. In this case, this is very much pleasing to choose the right instruments specially those are highlighted in our tips!

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How I Set Up My Own Home Studio

Today, long with the strong development of information technology and the Internet, recording the song becomes easier than ever. From that, it creates a trend for the young to record their songs at their home. The professional studio thoroughly invested huge amounts that are probably the dream of many people who love music. Because not everyone can easily spend a huge amount of money just to record one song at the studio. So why do not you create a home studio with your own creativity and self-style? To open a studio at home, apart from the devices such as laptops, microphones, you still need to find yourself a best home studio monitor to complete the preparation of the device in the room as well as ensuring the best place to record. A home studio not only satisfies the passion of your singing but also brings a high income. A job is a full of pressure, but a very exciting challenge and appeal.

my home studio

I have a passion for rapping since I was sitting in school, I always cherished get a studio in my own home. Entering the university, with my own passion and the help of friends, I have decided to invest and learn to open a small studio at his home. After quite a long time searching and looking for how to open and set up a home studio, I came across a website that help me a lot in setting and choosing the equipment for my home studio. That is http://soldierstudio.com/ where I could ask for help and search for numerous stunning information.

  • At the beginning

With the passion and enthusiasm and the great supports of my friends, in the end, I also had a small recording studio for myself. Although it is not comparable to a professional studio, but it can help satisfy my passion for rap and the study of music.

I’ve invested in a studio recording studio “made by me” and includes a full creative laptop, microphone, studio monitor, headphone, mixer, filters and many other accessories. I had to do some extra work in some places, and save some money for my passion, others are my parent and my friends have also supported me a lot in the selection and purchase of equipment.


At the very first time, I just open the studio for my own pleasure, but then I also do good to friends or referrals to the recording. To get a home studio is not easy, however, if you have your own passion, this would not be affordable. If you are passionate about and want to try to work to “improve” the quality of the vocals will be done alone.


  • When more and more people know about my studio

With a fairly complete studio, I was able to fully and satisfy the passion of my singing. Not only that my little studio there is a reliable address for friends as well as young people who share the passion of singing to acquire and implement own song. I have embarked on implementation the record business. Firstly, for myself and then to my friends, relatives, even on the online community rappers and singers including students.

From that basis, I started with the idea of trading in my own studio. My initial thought is to play and satisfy my passion of singing alone but that many people come and some even pay more, so I decided to embark on this new job. Through my relationship, there are quite a plenty of friends who look to my studio.

  • How to set up a home studio for your own?

Recording work is very hard and it brings pressure but also gives a lot of fun. Not just the accumulation of experience and also satisfy the passion, joy, especially when there are products like the music. The home studio should not require too much technical complexity. Just buy yourself some equipment such as amplifiers, mixer, speakers and a microphone to two small, a computer unit Core i3 is possible even a mini recording studio right at home.

Others can buy them for staging a fantastic record at the US $ 800 to $ 1,500. As for ordinary people to play, can take advantage of the normal buy cheaper. Meanwhile, an expensive professional studio in the $ 15,000 range.

The most important thing is to get a good recording that you should pay attention to the microphone to use for recording. To record your song, you must have a microphone. Almost all types of microphones are used to record it, genuine microphone, karaoke microphone to the headphones, mobile phones …

The difference in your final work is also in this part, if the purse “wonky” you can shop for the mic, “delicious”, but a little high price ensures super accurate sound quality, especially the line Condenser Microphone Rode NT2, Rode Condenser Microphone NT1- A, etc. If such genuine microphones priced too high, you can also select the microphone with more affordable prices such as Samson Q1U microphone recording, USB Condenser microphone Samcon, etc.

Opening a studio at home just can help you to record your songs quickly and conveniently while you also can help your friends or people with passionate exchange and share the fun. Currently, a home studio is a place to meet and exchange and leisure activities of a family and friends in their spare time. They come here to sing, to unleash creativity in the music passion. Their songs will be burned to CD to give to friends, family, loved ones or simply listen to the products made by them in delight.

Importance of Studio Headphones

A lot of factors need considering for recording studio. An ideal recording studio must have enough necessary gadgets to make sure that music is recorded in high – quality. But for the existance of a recording studio, it is impossible to record any kind of music. That’s why a recording studio must have all high–quality equipment. One of the crucial factors of a good recording studio is to pick the best studio monitor and studio headphones.


In general, headphones will take two positions in the studio, which are to record and to mix and to edit.

Headphones for Recording

More than likely, about 95 percent of your headphone use will be during recording. For example, when you’re recording a new track to a track or tracks that you’ve already recorded, to avoid bleed, you’ll may want to mute the studio monitors and use the headphones as your reference to the previously recorded track.

Moreover, headphones function to get sounds in home studios. Professional studios have a room where sounds are transmitted through speakers – the mixing room, but home studio is not that luxury. Therefore, you will need headphones to keep the real sound of the guitar, only to leave your recording setup.

Headphones for Mixing

Before we start, I must tell you, it’s never a good idea to mix music with headphones, ‘coz we’ve already known that a pair of monitors can do much better, and give higher quality of sound.

However, headphones can be qualified enough for your mix to test after hearing it monitors. Then, it’s a studio quality headphones for you to consider before taking the mix out to test on other systems, because you can get an idea of the quality of mixing that has been done to the songs before starting to edit them. Some people claim that the mixing and editing process can be done using the pair of studio headphones. Once the mixing is finished, you will have the opportunity to listen to the songs with the pair of studio headphones already present in the studio.

Additionally, headphones are great for editing. As expected, you get the real definition of your L-R pans in headphones, knowing how it may sound, as well as the mix’ cleaness.

Headphones for Editing

It is worth mentioning that headphones are excellent for the purpose of editing. You will master how your L-R pans are done when you listen to the songs with headphones. You will have the chance to pick up quiet tracks that you might not be able to pick in the studio monitors. Also, when bad things happen, like the electricity is cut or something, a pair of headphones will be your lifesaver since, where are your monitors now, dude?

Higher percentages of your studio headphones will be used to record. The important applications of the studio headphones are during overdubbing , which is when you start recording the new tracks to already recorded tracks. Avoid using headphones that are old and incapable. You should focus on using the headphones for the purpose of recording songs and vocals.

An interesting experience when travelling in Mekong Delta Vietnam

One of the places that an adventurer should not miss exploring is Mekong Delta Vietnam. What makes this place interesting? Well, there are lots of breathtaking places to explore and interesting things to do that will worth your precious time. The countryside of Mekong Delta is like a place crafted from a story book of ancient times where the grounds are carpeted with green growing things and river traversed the landscape. It is a spectacular beauty if only you have a bird’s eye view below. Along the rivers of Mekong there are boats full of colourful fruits and vegetables for sale. Tourists find it exciting to shop with this floating markets where they sell fresh crops and fish.

Life in Vietnam is surely different from other country. Even myself find it very exciting. Their means of transportation is by boat which is one of the things that interest me. The ride is fun and at the same time very relaxing. Other than that, you will feel at home and welcomed by the warm hospitality of Viet Cong people. Life here is simple and people here are content of what they have. It is a perfect place to be one with nature and the simplicity of life.

When you visit the town, you will find that the busy ambience completely contradicts the simple life in the countryside. Everywhere, there are new and unique place to explore. If you want to shop and stay in a charming hotel or eat in a fancy restaurants, where they will serve you with their cuisine, the town is the place to be. If you want to escape the bustling and whooshing ambiance, then come to country side where you can ride a boat and shop in the floating market. You can also explore the off-coast islands with white sand beaches or find a place for solitude in the Buddhist temples.

Places in Delta Mekong that you should visit are:


This is one of the prettiest towns in the Mekong Delta, are still lined with shady trees, harking back to an earlier era. With more than 140 Khmer pagodas dotting the province, TraVinh is a quiet place for exploring the Mekong’s little-touted Cambodian connection. The town itself sees a little more tourist traffic now that it’s linked to Ben Tre and beyond by large new bridges. Lots of Mekong delta tours organized visit here.

Phoenix Island

Until his imprisonment for anti-government activities and the consequent dispersion of his flock, the Coconut Monk (Dao Dua) led a small community on Phoenix Island (Con Phung), a few kilometres from My Tho. The Coconut Monk left his family to pursue a monastic life and for three years he sat on a stone slab under a flagpole and meditated day and night.

In its heyday the island was dominated by a somewhat trippy open-air sanctuary. The dragon-emblazoned columns and quirky tower, with its huge metal globe, must have once been brightly painted, but these days the whole place has become faded, rickety and silent. Nevertheless, it is seriously kitsch, with a model of the Apollo rocket set among the Buddhist statues. With some imagination you can almost picture how it all must have appeared as the Coconut Monk presided over his congregation, flanked by enormous elephant tusks and seated on a richly ornamented throne. Read More An interesting experience when travelling in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Buying Mountain Bikes: Cheap And High Quality

Buying a cheap mountain bike which still meets all the requirements of bikers seems to be quite difficult on the grounds that there often have many steps and bikers can be bored soon. People who have trouble in selecting a bike often say they are suitable with any bike model. In fact, that is a way to make an excuse for their failure to buy a good one.

Choosing a best mountain bike under 300, a quite cheap one is not really difficult because we have tips for it. Today, I will give tips to choose a mountain bike that can satisfy both your physical and psychological requirements.

  1. Have the most comfort

You should know that to choose a best sporty bike at reasonable price not only takes time but also requires you to watch out for every brand. You can experience several bikes of different brands but you will only find out one or two items which make you comfortable.

Choosing a mountain bike is like choosing clothes to wear. If you possess a suitable bike, you will be able to insure two things as bellows.

  • Control easily

More comfort is generated if you ride a good bike. You can control the handle grips and the brake system more easily. In the terrain you ride, all the arising troubles can be handled more professionally.

  • Reduce risks

During mountain biking, sometimes, you cannot avoid risks which will come all in a sudden to challenge your skills. At that time, if the bike does not run as you want and it has some abnormal signs such as useless braking or ineffective rear shock then you will have to suffer from wounds and accidents.

Therefore, test the bike first and you can ask the seller to ride the bike on the illustrated terrain to know how comfortable it is.

  1. Be sure about the height of the bike

People choosing to buy mountain bikes are different but the only difference is their height, with the remove of different styles. Tall people will choose the bike that has high saddle or long seat post.

By contrast, shorter bikers had better choose the one that has low seat post so that they can adjust the saddle’s height more flexibly. The least distance from our bottom to the upper frame should be at list 2 inches. If the distance is longer, you will have problems with riding.

  1. Strong bike frames to resist strong impact

On the road, you cannot avoid the impacts that turn up surprisingly so the frame of the bike must be strong enough and sturdy enough so that it can resist strong impact. This will help you avoid a lot of accidents.

Even though the weight of the bike is a little heavier as the frame is stronger, it will be safer for you during your riding. You could also find more information about mongoose ledge 2.1 that have strong frames, too.

  1. Rear shock and speed up and down

Because you will have to cope with challenging terrain when you go for mountain biking, you need an effective rear suspension pivot which helps you reduce to increase the speed effectively and solve problems more quickly in harsh conditions.

In addition, the rear shock set is also significant and plays an important role in reducing the inconvenience and increasing comfort for bikers. Double rear shock for both front and back of the bike will bring more convenience and safety.

  1. Brake system

These days, a mountain bike is often integrated with two brake systems. The traditional system is mounted in the handle grips and it is very convenient for bikers as they only need to hold the gear shifter and put pressure on the brake levers to stop the bike.

The disc brake system seems to be more difficult to use but it is effective right away. Nowadays, the disc brake is being upgraded periodically to serve professional bikers. This brake will help you to control the mountain bike more skillfully and you can also keep the bike’s durability in rough condition.

After all, when you have such information, you will choose the best one for you with low prices but the safety is ensured. Also, you will have more comfortable biking trips.

What Best Point in High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack Travel Backpack

Whenever you want to buy a backpack for your next trip, this is time to research. Finding the best backpack for travel is little bit hard and time consuming. Therefore, this is really important to have a perfect backpack so that you can have a secure way to pack things and enjoy the journey safely.
High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack is such kind of backpack that enables you to have a great timing with space. This is a large backpack with top loading along with good drawstring closure. Therefore, this is really safe and easy to carry more things especially bed cover and blankets for long trip.


This is really impressive to have the best travel backpack for having an adventurous trip. Don’t you want to know everything about a backpack? Then, the following information will enhance your knowledge about the backpack.

  • Measurement: 11 x 36 x 15.3 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Man made material backpack
  • Provides top loading main compartment
  • Good small side pockets for better structure
  • Adjustable top lid for comfortable sizing
  • Single contoured aluminum frame bar for maintaining good structure
  • Molded foam back panel keeps the things dry and safe
  • Zipper locker system enables the safety concern of the backpack


This is almost an ideal backpack for traveling long time. The manufacturer is very much excited and dedicated to provide the best units of the backpack to the travelers. Whenever you will get the backpack, you will get many advantages during the traveling days.

Firstly, you will be enough delighted to watch out the lightweight of the backpack. The backpack is really impressive and good enough to support you. You will get many good backpacks that do not offer you lightweight feature.

Secondly, the top loading type of adjustable height option is really a good option. The main compartment offers rolling packing system so that you can take many things in the backpack.

Thirdly, the molded foam backpack panel is good for the backpackers because this helps to keep the things dry and cool. As a result, your electrical items and other clothes will be safe for long time journey. Moreover, you will not need to think about the things that you are carrying.

Fourthly, the side pockets is good and well structure for carrying small accessories like headphone, mobile phone and more.

Fifthly, the rainfly of the backpack helps you to protect your things in the backpack. As a result, you will never need to be stressed if the weather is not good enough.

Sixthly, the measurement of the backpack is perfect. Moreover, the quality of the sharpness of the backpack is also impressive for any person. Therefore, this will always boost the performance of the backpack. Unless you break down the aluminum frame, you will always get good shaped backpack for hiking, camping and long vacations.

These are the advantages of the backpack that you will get if you choose it. For that reason, you should compare the list of the backpack advantage with the similar quality and priced backpack. Surely, you will select the backpack because of the performance, quality, durability and other features of the backpack.


This is a good backpack with only some drawbacks from the customers. Only some of the customers are not happy with the backpack for some reasons.

First of all, the backpack material of the backpack is not enough good to provide you long time experience. Specially, your backpack will have broken aluminum frame easily in case you do not care the backpack properly.

Secondly, the shoulder straps are not strong enough to support excessive weight of the loaded. Therefore, this is really important to keep the heavy materials out of the backpack if you really want to use the backpack for a long time.


Question-1: Does the backpack offer any rainfly?

Answer: Of course, you will get a built-in rainfly in order to get protection in the rainy season.

Question-2: Is there any side pocket for carrying the water bottles?

Answer: No. the backpack does not offer any water bottle pocket.

Question-3: Is the frame is adjustable for getting good shape?

Answer: Of course, this is a lightweight backpack along with adjustable frame option to maintain a good shape.


High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack is quite impressive because of the design of the backpack. You can adjust the top lid of the backpack along with side pockets for carrying small items very easily. Moreover, the price of the backpack is also quite reasonable so that you can easily choose the backpack. Don’t worry about the negative comments because every backpack has some minor problems in some of the units only!


The Earliest Record Player

The Phonograph Cylinder

audio recording
The high technology used in daily basis man is really easy to be encountered today. People are living in a life covered by the technology; thanks to technological marvels come in a quite short lifespan that they are surrounded. Audio recording becomes a worthy wonder of human beings when we consider the development the device has been undergoing in a-100-year-period of time. Today, people don뭪 think much about the past occurring the well-known invention of the genius inventor in the world, Edison- the forefather of phonograph cylinder.

The Forefather Of The Best Record Player

best record player
Generally, when people think about records, most of them usually think that the record had to include the vinyl or flat disc. In fact, it also is an original record without those.
The initial method to record and produce sounds was called Cylinder records, at least occurring in the market for commercial purpose. These records performed approximately 2 minutes the music or sounds while being played back. In the late 19th century, there was a feat when not the ideal for enjoying the long sonata songs but back right after.
There is a quite interest in listening to music provided by a wax cylinder. In addition, the musical intensity is poured out of a system of mobile Bose sounds. Hopefully, Edison could observe how great results of the best record player become.
Besides, as the number of inventions up to thousands things, it is no doubt to say that Thomas Edison was definitely a wonderful inventor in the whole history of human beings. At first, he used gold material for his initial phonograph in July, 1877 although the device was not become any musical recording. From the time on, Thomas Edison also intended to make a device with the function as a telephone messages recorder.

The Process of the Invention

A cylinder was wrapped around by tinfoil material at Edison뭩 initial trial. Although it indicated the working efficiently for a variety of testing purposes, the kind of material was not hard enough and did not reach the commercial purposes. The genius inventor, Edison changed into cylinders produced by several individuals; one of them is Alexander Graham Bell.
In the mid 80s of 19th century, wax cylinders became widely popular in markets over the world. The sounds were contained by the wax which was layered into several grooves. By contrast with the sound produced effectively, the lifespan of the wax in producing these cylinders was a quite short time. The cylinders would generally wear out just in a small number of uses. Fortunately, the record player coming with a recording mechanism also allowed the record cylinders back then. Because the outer player of cylinders shaved down, a new version might be located on the record cylinder that was worn out. There was the popularity in making music with the combination of playback, sounds produced by a recorder. However, it also made the competitive market that the forefather of this wonderful invention ?Edison would never expect.

The Innovation Of The Record Player

Following Edison뭩 invention, Emile Berliner also invented the initial similar device called the lateral-cut disc record in 1888. From the beginning, the device was used originally for toys. However, the disc record label named Gramophone was selling officially in nearly 1894. Due to the poor sound quality at first, Berlinger revised the device quickly. It was still have some great deal of appealing to this device even though they demanded the same quantity of the phonograph- approximately 2 minutes.
The end of 19th century saw the popularity of disc records in spite of the similarity. In addition, with the highest effort, Edison took many experiments with various new materials to have new version of the record player.
The contributing materials that the device was undergoing to become the best record player:

  • Wax cylinder
  • Tinfoil
  • Gold
  • Paraffin and beeswax
  • Celluloid

Attemption of the Intervention

The soft combination between Paraffin and beeswax was the initial material of the first cylinders. A kind of soft wax cylinders firstly used was replaced momentarily by a stronger phonograph using carnauba wax patented by Charles Tainter in 1890. After several years, to create the cylinders with a good replay value, many inventors used the type of refined wax which able to play over 100 times even before wearing out of the grooves.
Moreover, the unlucky problem with the devices was the wax; however, the phonograph cylinders was manufactured though how fragile it was. For that reason, it was easy to be broken under mishandled. At the result, in 1906, many record companies started producing the best record player made of celluloid – a kind of hard plastic. The material was difficult to break even though we dropped it or had a variety of plays. Nowadays, these best record player help we enjoy our favorite music and make our life better. It have becoming a necessary thing in life of human beings worldwide.

Five reasons why your kid should have a balance bike

Nowadays, balance bike for kid is advertised very much because of its advantages. Most parents agree that it is worth enough so that you buy one as soon as for your kid. Below are the main reasons which your child had better get the balance bike, click here to read the review:

  1. Safety:

In fact, with children, there are a large number of choices so that they make the acquaintance of riding such as tricycles, training wheels and balance bike. However, in terms of safety, balance bike is highly appreciated due to with tricycles, it will be quite embarrassing for kids to maneuver this slow model as well as it is very easy to hit the angled and uneven streets. What is more, this type of model help your child focus on more keeping balance than pedalling so its unbalanced ability will be lower than others very much that means it is quite difficult to fall out of balance bike. The wonderful benefit of this model is to help kids cut down stages during cycling process. When children have used this model clever, they can practise riding the normal standard bike without needing support of training wheels even the scratched skin accidents will also be reduced during practising process.

  1. More economical:

Perhaps some of you consider balance bike as a waste of money, that is truly the misconception. For example, this is a great and necessary alternative for tricycles as well as 12” bike which is attached the training wheels because most of 12” bicycles especially the smallest pedaled models can’t run if they are lack of training wheels. In addition, the resale price of balance bike is also higher than the tricycle or 12” models so this is not only the helpful toy for the growing process of children but your own valuable investment in the future as well.

  1. Encourage your child go out:

This is a effective way in order to pull your kid out of the harmful games in the Internet as well as help yours take part in healthy sports outside in place of just encouraging by simple words. This is also one of the helpful methods to both exercise your child’s independence and teach meaningful lessons about life thanks to useful cycling days like “life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving”. In the process of acquaintance with balance bike, your toddler is able to meet the certain obstacles from the strangers on the streets or from other children in the parks. However, I am sure that sooner or later your kid is going to recognize that riding balance bike is a very interesting and extremely useful activity so the most important thing is that you have to persevere. With this kind of model, the best feature is its simplicity that means it doesn’t need to utilize battery without too small and complex parts as well as the intricate instructions.

  1. Improve your family time:

You ought to allow your child to go for a fun saunter with all members in its family by means of balance bike instead of taking your “angel” who is 3 years old go out by tricycle or stroller owing to their certain restrictions. For instance, the stroller is quite heavy and slow so it is very easy to be stuck on the unperfected ways. Moreover, balance bike model also allow your toddler to move both on sidewalks and on the road with the moderate speed. Especially, with some special models without having pedals, it is very easy for parents to carry everywhere for their kid.

  1. Can ride the bike with pedals sooner:

According to a good number of studies, children are allowed to make the acquaintance of balance bike sooner than kids who are always received support from training wheels will can use the normal standard bicycle independently as soon as possible. For example, if the children are made the acquaintance of riding balance bike when they are very young, they will be capable of cycling a standard bike at three years old while others need to be supported of training wheels who may know how to cycle a normal bike at five or six years old.

Tips for Choosing a Travel Backpack

Even if you do a lot of research over the internet, read reviews, and go to every store in town that sells outdoor stuff, it can still take time before you make up your mind on which one to buy. In reality, even if you see a lot of travel backpacks being sold, there are important factors that you need to consider. Remember that you will be putting your stuff in there while traveling so it is important that you have one that is made with good quality and will satisfy all of your needs. Make sure that you are going to get the BEST TRAVEL BACKPACK to avoid spending on something that is not really worth it.

What you need to look for



When you are looking for a backpack, you will typically see tall, cylindrical, hiking backpacks, and top-loading. Everyone seems to be using them and you are given the impression that they are great. It is normal that you can sometimes make a mistake when buying your first backpack. If you have a top-loading backpack, it opens at the top which is similar to a garbage bag. The problem with this one is when you want to get something from the bag because it will be hard for you to reach in to get it out. You will be obliged to unpack everything if you want to find it. A good alternative is a front-loader because they are like suitcases. They allow you to open the front of the bag so you can easily get something from the stuff you have inside the bag. Buying a front-loader is a better choice compared to a top-loading one.

Has multiple compartments

This should be one of your considerations when buying a travel backpack. You can look for one that has a twin compartment because the second compartment where you will keep the sleeping bag, hiking boots with mud, or a dirty beach towel so you won’t mix them with clean attire. Also try to see if the backpack has an organizer inside because it will help you keep electronics, shirts, pants, and other stuff separately. You can also use packing cubes which are very useful.

It should have a support frame

Make sure that the backpack you will choose has an internal frame because the cheaper ones and backpacks for hiking do not have this. When there is a frame, your back is given support and helps in keeping your gear secure. A lot of backpacks these days have built-in frames which are better to look at. A semi-exposed frame can also be useful because you will have a place to wrap your cable lock and a padlock because you will encounter places which do not have lockers.

Consider lumbar back support

Do not get the ones that have flat backs so you should look for one that has lumbar support. Your lower back will be supported which improves posture because it keeps your spine neutral and your weight is distributed more evenly.

The zippers should be lockable

When buying a backpack, make sure that all of the compartments have their own zippers so you ca overlap and lock them together. It’s okay if the backpack does not have padlocks because if it does, there is a chance that their quality is not really the best. Cases of thefts usually happen because people leave their things scattered around or they did not lock their backpack. If you use a small lock, you can still attract thieves. Make sure that your lock has the perfect size for this type of luggage.

Warranty is important

The backpack that you will buy should come with a warranty. Some backpacks come with a warranty that is decent. There are backpacks that come with a lifetime warranty and come with one that lasts for 30 years. When the warranty is long, it is a very good sign that the backpack is made of great quality and it will really last for a long time. It is also nice that your backpack has a warranty because it makes you feel more secure with it. Spending a little more for a backpack that comes with a warranty is worth it especially if you are planning to take it with you often or if you will be using it most of the time. A warranty will give you more confidence to use the backpack wherever you go without worrying in case it gets damaged.

These are what you need to look for when buying a travel backpack. If you will be using it often, choose one that is really of good quality and will not easily break if you use it most of the time for travelling especially if you will be going to places that are rugged.

Great Athletes – Lousy Diets

JULIE FOUDY, soccer player

nutrition pitfall: steering clear of beef

When Kristine Clark signed on as nutritionist with the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, she found herself fighting a serious antimeat sentiment.

THE PROBLEM Most of the players she polled said they didn’t eat beef. “I asked them why not, and they looked at me, like, ‘What are you talking about? It’s bad for your heart.'” Clark says. “But women this active are not at risk for heart disease, and they really need the iron, zinc and fat. (Iron is a necessary component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the muscles, and zinc helps the healing process.) Clark instructed the nutrient-deficient team ” to eat meat as well as eggs three times a week. Read More Great Athletes – Lousy Diets